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25 October 2014

Brighton and London speaking dates in November

SINCE THE LAST post in August I’ve been busy doing up my flat, meaning rewiring, replastering, tankng a wall, new boiler, painting and so on. The best bit was when the electrician’s apprentice managed to fall through a ceiling. Sometimes people need physical feedback to help learn concepts such as ‘load bearing’. All will be finished by mid-November and after that it’s time to steam ahead with this site as a full-time job.

In the meantime I’ve been persuaded out of the hermetic DIY lifestyle by invitations to give two talks in November under the title London’s Lost Worlds of Sound. In them I’ll be presenting and talking about archival sound recordings of London life, going successively further back in time. Many of the recordings aren’t yet in the Radio Actuality section here so you’d be among the first few people to have heard them again in several decades.

The last Lost Worlds talk I gave was in August at The Social in Little Portland Street near Oxford Circus. Jo Brodie wrote this review of the evening on her Sound stuff blog, which is well worth following.

The first November date is in Brighton on Friday the 7th at the Marlborough Pub & Theatre. This is a beautiful-looking venue and you can read all the details, including ticket prices and booking details, on this page. Many thanks to Sarah Angliss for organising this.

The second date marks a return to The Social on the evening on Monday the 17th. Here’s the relevant event page and abundant thanks to Carl Gosling for having me back there. The Social is a cracking bar, one of the best ones in the West End.

By the way, if you turn up to either of these events you’ll get a free very limited edition London Sound Survey enamelled metal badge as well.

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