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Central England Holocene temperature estimates from pollen analysis with 'traditional' view of changing vegetation of England and Wales

Temperatures for Central England from pollen

Vegetation diagram adapted from K.R. Briffa and T.C. Atkinson, 'Reconstructing Late-Glacial and Holocene Climates' in M. Hulme and E.M. Barrow, Climates of the British Isles: Past, Present and Future, 1997. Briffa and Atkinson cite the diagram as an example of the 'traditional' view of Late Glacial and Holocene climate and vegetation, originally appearing in H.H. Lamb, Climate: Past, Present and Future. Volume 2: Climatic History and Future, 1977.

The Central England temperature reconstructions are adapted from a diagram in H.H. Lamb, Climate, History and the Modern World, 1982. For a comparison covering the Late Glacial/Holocene transition, annual temperature estimates from beetle remains are included, being adapted from K.R. Briffa and T.C. Atkinson, 1997, op. cit.

Both sets of temperature data are displayed in their original plots against radiocarbon years. Here they've have been converted very approximately to calendar years by inspecting Richard G. Fairbanks's radiocarbon calibration curve.